About This Blog

I’m Danni Lolz.

I earned my Associates degree and will now be spending my first year at a 4-year state university.  Transferring in as a senior by credits but with two years to go, my first year in the dorms will be chronicled in this blog.

I’ll be covering typical dorm life as well as what it’s like being possibly the oldest student in the dorms (I’m 24).  I’ll discuss college administration processes,  clubs I explore, time management, and general tips, among other things.

I hope that my adventures will help others in their transition to dorm life, and I hope my blog will inspire other semi-older students to explore living on campus (or at least becoming more active).


Helpful code names to know when reading my blog:

FSU/SU/State/University = my university

CC = my Community College

(check back for updates)


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