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Before the First Semester

A lot of incoming college students don’t realize how much there is to be done before they arrive. Of course, there are many more things a resident will have to do than a commuter, but everyone has their responsibilities. 

Financial Aid is a biggie. Most schools have a deadline of April 1st or earlier. Once you get your Financial Aid award letter, you’ll want to accept or decline it as soon as possible; until you do, your financial aid is not definite. In my case, I was awarded Federal Work Study.  Different schools have different policies on how to go about getting a placement.  At my old Community College, There was a paper application you had to fill out listing your skills, work experience, etc.  At the State University, though, once you are awarded Federal Work Study you gain access to the job listings on their online employment database.  Then you just submit a resume to each position that you are interested in.  I like the State way better.  🙂

There are some other forms I had to fill out as well. The medical history form was necessary in order to receive medical aid on campus.  Since I will be a resident, it was especially important.  Another important section of paperwork that I had to take care of was for Disability Services.  I have a history of general anxiety and panic attacks, and in order to receive aid on campus one needs documentation.  They gave me a great piece of information listing the facts needed, which helped me in my efforts to collect letters about my history and treatment from both my Primary Care Physician and the campus counselor at my Community College.  I applied for a medical single due to a long list of events in which things were stolen from me (even from a roommate) and the increased panic that would result from not knowing/trusting my roommate or the people they let into our room.  I will receive in-class help for my anxiety, and I am waiting to hear about my dorm assignment, but the Disability Services lady seemed optimistic that I would indeed get a single room.

State’s dorm assignments for incoming students this year are being sent out this coming week starting August 1st.  Once I get the packet I will be able to supply more information concerning what I consider the beginning of my dorm experience.  I did, however, want to point out a few things that I have already encountered.  I have already contacted the Residence Life office to make sure that the mattresses are indeed Twin XL so that I can buy the necessary bedding. 

I have also sent in my rental request for a MicroFridge unit.  My University is very green (solar panels and everything) and a MicroFridge rental unit guarantees that the resident can have a microwave and fridge. Their requirements are very strict – they require Energy Star approval and the microwave/fridge unit can only take up one plug total.  Since a unit like that would be very expensive, and since I’ll only be on campus for two years, it makes more sense financially.

Check out my next blog entry, which will feature a suggested list of items to bring with you to campus (along with some commentary by me) and sources that I found useful in compiling my list.  🙂


Change of topic

Instead of being focused on design things that I find, I’ll use this blog as a record of my adventures in the coming year.  Specifically, I’ll be writing about my preparations and experience living in a dorm room for the first time as a borderline non-traditional student.

I’ll be posting a bio post soon about my college experience thus far.  Check out the About page for a quick summation.

May the Typography be with you!

Okay, this is fantastic and really put a smile on my face. The third one though is the best in my opinion! 🙂

Star Wars Characters – typography version!

These posters really make me want to experiment with what creations I can come up with solely made out of typography.  🙂

Parisian Typography!

So, I recently befriended April Johnston, a SCAD fashion graduate and this year’s 5th runner-up on Project Runway. After getting back from Paris Fashion Week, April posted some fabulous photographs, including one of some amazing typography:

Photo by April Johnston, with her permission

Of this photograph, April said, “Love the typography!” So do I, April. 😀

April’s fashion collection can be found at:
SHES MADNESS collection

Complete change of logo and typeface!

So when checking my old email address at yahoo, I saw that one of its headline news stories tells of a new logo for The Gap. There has been an uproar by consumers resulting from this sudden change. Apparently, everyone hates it except for those who approved it. I definitely agree. I like the old one much better.

Here is the article: Gap Redesigns Logo… But Why?

Some guy that was interviewed said that the new logo looks very streamlined and is indicative of a technologically advanced world. Well, if you wanna know what I think, here it is: The stupid new logo looks VERY web 2.0. The original logo, to me, induced feelings of high quality. This new logo looks very cheap. The typeface is a plain sans-serif, and the square is oddly placed and does a better job making the logo look cheaper rather than “streamlined.”

So what’s your input on this odd change?

Typography T-shirts!

So, I visited the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University a couple of days ago. My tour guide, a design major, had this awesome shirt on that was all the sans-serif typefaces! She got it as a present, so she couldn’t tell me where she got it, only that her brother bought it online.

In the process of looking for the site, I have found these other sites that sell typography-themed clothing. 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

The Oatmeal!

The Oatmeal is the most dangerous website to look at when you have work to do!

The comics that Matthew Inman creates are true to life, and he does it with such flair!  Plus, a lot of his comics deal with the topics of design and programming. My favorite comics are the following:



I love the website,!

Everyday, there is a different t-shirt design by a different artist, and the artist gets a portion of the sale.  It’s a great way to support illustrators around the world.  I own about 10 shirts from this site.  🙂

Some designs are artistic, some are satire, and some are references to different movies, stories, etc.

Check it out!